NC LIVE Community of Interest FTE Counts

COIFTE% of total FTE
Public libraries519,45751.89%
Community colleges179,18517.90%
Public universities217,63921.74%
Independent colleges & universities84,8288.47%

Notes on sources of FTE data:

Public libraries - NC LIVE defines public library "FTE" as 5% of the library service population: 10,389,148. Source: North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management, 2018 Certified County Population Estimates. (link)

Community colleges - Total Curriculum Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) 2018-2019. *Beginning with Reporting Year 2015-2016, Curriculum FTE includes Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Summer semester was not previously included (link)

Public universities - FTE Enrollment (subtotal 2018) from Interactive Data Dashboards: Enrollment. Enrollment Trends by Level tab; Enrollment Measure: Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment, plus NCSSM FTE (link)

Independent colleges & universities - FTE data provided by North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities (NCICU) research staff (link)