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Recorded Webinars

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Leadership Development

  • *NEW!* Effective Communication (July 2020, 1 hour and 15 minutes) The key to any library is effective communication. This webinar provides tips and tactics to ensure successful interpersonal communication that fosters connections and cooperation.
  • *NEW!* Leading from the Middle (August 2020, 1 hour) Librarians in middle management handle a distinct set of circumstances. They carry forward the goals of library directors as well as the goals and needs of staff members they directly supervise. In this session, we will identify which skills are helpful to hone as a middle manager, potential pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for building cooperation in challenging situations.



  • *NEW!* Ebook Assistance from a Distance (September 2020, 1 hour): Learn practical strategies for helping patrons access your library’s ebook collections from a distance. Julie Raynor - Readers’ Services Supervisor for High Point Public Library - covers service models, promotion methods, and tips for helping patrons work through technical difficulties.
  • *NEW!* Best Practices for Marketing and Social Media (September 2020, 1 hour): Marketing your library has been turned on its head. Priorities have shifted as communication with your customers and communities has taken on new meaning and a sense of urgency. This session involves guidance on how libraries can navigate challenging times, and an open discussion to encourage new insights and renewed energy toward marketing our respective libraries.
  • *NEW!* Intro to Accessibility (August 2020, 1 hour): This session provides a comprehensive overview of current accessibility standards and introduces attendees to strategies and tools they can use to enhance the accessibility of their library’s web presence.
  • *NEW!* Logic Models in Libraries: Tools for Program Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting (July 2020, 57 minutes) Learn about logic models and theories of change, and how they can be applied to a variety of library needs, including new programs and services, grant applications and reporting, and larger management goals.
  • *NEW!* Strategic Planning (July 2020, 1 hour and 14 minutes) The growth and long-term success of libraries relies on effective strategic planning. This webinar will focus on how to get started with developing one and following a stakeholder-driven process.
  • *NEW!* Building Adaptable Marketing Plans for Libraries (July 2020, 1 hour) Marketing Plans have become a core part of advocacy and outreach strategies for libraries. The webinar covers current research related to the value of library mission statements and strategic plans, the need for multifaceted marketing and advocacy plans that connect these plans to library stakeholders and patrons, and case studies of how adaptable marketing strategies have enabled library leaders to create sustainable strategies with limited personnel and budgets.
  • *NEW!* Project Management (April 2020, 1 hour) Learn the fundamentals of project management. As all libraries wrangle budgets and technology, knowing how to think and act in terms of projects is critical. This session covers elements of a project management cycle as well as tips for developing a project management training for your library.



  • NC LIVE 101 (April 2018, 30 mins): An overview of the NC LIVE website, including resources offered, searching & browsing, statistics & collections data, and promotional & instructional tools for patrons and library staff.
  • Summon for NC LIVE Public Libraries (January 2019, 60 mins): Learn about how ProQuest Summon is being used successfully in North Carolina public libraries. Ruth Ann Copley (Davidson County Public Library) and Edward Hirst (Rowan Public Library) share why they feel Summon is a valuable tool for their libraries, how to add public library-specific resources to Summon (such as Overdrive, Fold3, Flipster, and more), and how they are promoting Summon to their patrons. Benjamin Murphy (State Library of NC) shares information about how NC Cardinal libraries can launch Summon.  
  • *NEW!* Teacher Resources on NC LIVE (August 2020, 1 hour): Explore the educational research, news, and lesson planning resources available through SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Issues Researcher, NovelistPlus, TERC, and get an overview of additional NC LIVE resources that teachers may find useful in their work!
  • *NEW!* Readers' Advisory and Ebooks with NC LIVE (May 2020, 1 hour): Find out what NC LIVE offers for readers’ advisory and reading online! This webinar covers the reading recommendations available in Novelist Plus as well as Ebook Central, the Homegrown Collection, and options for reading ebooks offline.
  • Ebooks on NC LIVE (October 2018, 60 mins): Learn how to use the platforms that house three of our largest NC LIVE ebook collections: Ebook Central, Credo Reference, and eBooks on EBSCOhost. On each platform, we will explore content, search and browse for books, and discuss methods for saving the items by downloading, linking, and more!
  • Homework Help with NC LIVE (September 2018, 60 mins): Learn all about the content and functionality of, and the differences between, SIRS Discoverer, eLibrary, and SIRS Knowledge Source, three tools that offer interdisciplinary homework help for a variety of age groups and reading levels. Check out Testing & Education Reference Center, too!
  • Keep Up Using NC LIVE's Library Literature (August 2018, 60 mins): Find out about using NC LIVE resources for librarian professional development! We'll review content in Library Science Database, MasterFILE, NoveList, and Ebook Central that will help you keep up with current library trends and make your job easier.
  • Science & Technology Research with NC LIVE (August 2018, 55 mins): Learn how to use Science in Context, SIRS Discoverer, and ProQuest's science databases to support patrons of all ages in their search for science and technology information.
  • Summon Made Easy (July 2018, 45 mins): Two North Carolina librarians, Doug Short (Central Piedmont Community College) and Alan Unsworth (Surry County Community College), share their experiences implementing, promoting and measuring the impact of Summon.
  • Research Current Events with NC LIVE (July 2018, 45 mins): Support current events research for patrons of all ages, from middle school to college (and beyond)! Explore the content and functionality of CQ Researcher, SIRS Knowledge Source, and eLibrary.
  • HomeGrown Ebooks 101 (May 2018, 30 mins): Learn the ins and outs of using HomeGrown Ebooks on NC LIVE.
  • Genealogy & Local History Research on NC LIVE (May 2018, 55 mins): Learn about what NC LIVE offers for genealogy & local history research. This session features an overview of HeritageQuest, Historic North Carolina Digital Newspaper Collection, and Sanborn Maps.
  • Career Research with NC LIVE  (May 2018, 60 mins): Find out how to use NC LIVE to support your patrons' career goals! This session includes overviews of Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, Cypress Resume, and the career tools in Testing & Education Reference Center.
  • Test Prep on NC LIVE (April 2018, 45 mins): Find out about all the test prep resources you have access to on NC LIVE in Testing & Education Reference Center, Ebook Central, and Credo Reference!
  • *NEW!* Market Research with NC LIVE (May 2020, 1 hour): Conducting market research is an essential, easily transferable skill. Learn how to use high-quality data and analytics to answer patrons’ research questions. 
  • *NEW!* African American Genealogy with NC LIVE (September 2020, 1 hour): African American family research can present unique issues but NC LIVE resources can bridge gaps in the process. Explore records available in HeritageQuest, newspapers in the North Carolina Historic Newspaper Collection, and more local history materials to support the needs of patrons.



Webinars from Credo's NC LIVE Toolbox (<--click to see more training!)

  • Distance Learning and Homeschooling with Credo Reference (May 2020, 15 mins): Take a 15 minute tour of how to use Credo Reference for homeschooling or supporting distance learning.
  • Credo Admin Training (February 2019, 20 mins): Learn how to run usage stats, download MARC records, export your title list,
    find help videos and do light customizations on your site.
  • Credo Reference for Public Libraries (February 2019, 48 mins): Take a tour of Credo Reference's Complete Core content, including the juvenile and student friendly materials, and see the different ways in which you can begin the research process using our searching tools. Tour the e-books, Topic Pages, Mind Map, embedding and linking capabilities.
  • Credo Reference for Academic Libraries (February 2018, 48 mins): Find new ways to use Credo in your library's curriculum with this session geared toward college, community college, and university libraries! Explore the collection and see the different ways your patrons can begin their research using our searching tools. Tour the e-books, Topic Pages, Mind Map, embedding, and linking capabilities.
  • Using Credo Reference in Social Media (January 2019, 20 mins): Learn how to locate stable links, premade social media content, and other digital promotional items from Credo!

Cypress Resume

  • Cypress Resume Overview (November 2017, 10 mins): Learn how to use Cypress Resume, NC LIVE's simple online resume creator, in this brief presentation.


Selected Webinars from EBSCO's NC LIVE Training Series (<--click to see more!)

  • Biography Reference Center (September 2018, 30 mins): Get an overview on this unique homework help resource, which includes American National Biography, American Reference Library, and many other resources of more than 430,00 biographies from around the world. Learn how to search by occupation, nationality, and genre categories, as well as limiting by Lexiles.
  • Form Based Readers’ Advisory When Your Readers and Staff Are At Home (April 2020, 1 hour and 2 mins): Learn from a panel of readers’ advisory experts from public libraries for a special webinar on how to implement form-based personalized reading recommendations at your library, no matter how large or small your system. They’ll also share tips on providing effective readers’ advisory and keeping readers engaged with your collection from a distance. You’ll also get suggestions on how to promote your collection digitally through email, social media, and on your website.
  • We're Not Closed — We're Live: Learn How to Conduct a Live Social Media Session for Your Library (April 2020, 32 mins): Going live on social is a great way to connect with your community, deliver help to readers stuck at home, and help combat social isolation with “face” time and interactive comments. In this 30-minute microtraining with NovelistPlus, you will learn how to set up your live session and get  ideas for livestream programming that your community will enjoy and will help keep your library top-of-mind.
  • MasterFILE Premier (January 2018, 30 mins): Learn all about the features and functionality of MasterFILE, a database designed for public library reference.
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text (October 2017, 30 mins): CINAHL Plus with Full Text covers a wide range of topics including nursing, biomedicine, health sciences librarianship, alternative/complementary medicine, consumer health and 17 allied health disciplines.



Selected Webinars from Gale's NC LIVE Training Series (<--click to see more!)

  • Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) (October 2018, 45 mins): TERC provides users with online test preparation and more (check out the List of Available Tests and Courses in TERC). In this session, dive into the content and explore the tools you can use to make this resource a success in your library! This session also covers how to access test prep newly available in Gale Virtual Reference Library.
  • Support Summer Reading with Your NC LIVE Gale Resources (April 2018, 30 mins): This webinar will reveal connections between NC LIVE Gale resources to summer reading initiatives in your library. You’ll learn how to connect users with community-building information on the go, and you’ll walk away with ideas to make this summer a stand-out for your users!
  • Literature Resource Center Refresher (March 2018, 30 mins): Explore this literary criticism resource you can use at the reference desk, in your instruction programs, in your LibGuides, and with your book clubs!



Selected Webinars from ProQuest's NC LIVE Training Series

Selected Webinars from ProQuest’s On-Demand Learning

  • ProQuest Central: The Power of Multidisciplinary Resources at Your Library (February 2019, 29 mins): Learn how to search broadly and narrowly for content in ProQuest Central. Navigate the general search as well as sub-databases to make the most of your research experience.
  • Getting Started with Heritage Quest (January 2019, 34 mins): Learn what to do before you start family history research! We’ll cover resources in HeritageQuest that help organize research and review basic genealogy practices that can lead to better outcomes. Watch this to prepare for your own onsite patron trainings or to work one-on-one with genealogy researchers.
  • The North Carolina Historic Newspaper Collection (November 2018, 26 mins): Make the most of this resource for family history research, class projects, and more! We’ll cover ways to search for county newspapers by location and year as well as review genealogy practices that are unique to search in newspapers. Watch this to prepare for teaching primary sources remotely or to work one-on-one with genealogy researchers.

Data-Axle Reference Solutions


  • SimplyAnalytics 101 (August 2018, 40 mins): SimplyAnalytics is a platform that lets you create professional-quality maps and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data. Discover the basics of using NC LIVE's SimplyAnayltics subscription, from mapping data, businesses, and locations to conducting comparison studies, and more! Please use the password sa101_d4B55gk to access this recording.