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Are you in the midst of Summon implementation, new to managing your library's Summon instance, or do you need a refresher on the basics? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please join us for our Summon Basics webinar! 
NC LIVE Summon Basics Webinar 
Wednesday, March 24
Guest accounts are now available on Transparent Language.  
Guest accounts allow users to sample Transparent Language Online before creating a username/password. While guest accounts can see all available learning content and explore the program as they'd like, there are a few limitations, including:

- no saved learning history (meaning no course progress or Learned Vocabulary will be saved outside of the current guest session)

- no access to the mobile app

- no reporting on their own activity with "My Transcript” report

Update: This issue is resolved. Questions? Contact 

Good morning, 

Direct links to Ferguson's Career Guidance Center are not working. Users are directed to a page which lists available collections, but Ferguson's is not listed as an option. We are in contact with Infobase and will send out a notice when the issue is resolved.

Questions? Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk

1/26/21 Update - This issue is resolved. All users can create Transparent Language accounts by clicking on "Sign Up". 

Questions? Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk

Several libraries have reported an issue with Transparent Language accounts. After clicking on "Sign Up" they see the following message: 

"Looking to register? To create an account, please see the administrator for Transparent Language Online at your organization. After registration, you will be able to use Transparent Language Online from home or anywhere."

We are working with Transparent Language to resolve the issue. Questions? Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk. 


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