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ProQuest has recently informed us that there is a new proxy stanza for SIRS products. NC LIVE subscribes to SIRS Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer.  If your library uses a local proxy, please update your proxy stanza. If your library uses NC LIVE Hosted Proxy, barcode pattern matching, or NC LIVE password, no update is necessary. 
New SIRS stanza: 
Please place these stanzas at the top of the ProQuest section, above the ProQuest Academic stanza:

T SIRS Issues Researcher
The next step in Morningstar's new platform migration is a new URL. The existing Morningstar URL will be retired on May 31, 2021. Morningstar is requesting that libraries begin using the new URL before May 31st.  An updated proxy stanza will be required as well.  

On Thursday, April 1st at 7:00am, NC LIVE will perform OS updates on our proxy servers. This may result in downtime of around 10 minutes per library for libraries using NC LIVE Hosted Proxy, barcode pattern matching and NC LIVE password. 
We will send out an email when the updates are complete. 

3/26/2021 update: This issue has been resolved.

NC LIVE links to LearningExpress Library and PrepSTEP are currently redirecting to the EBSCO menu page. Users can get to LearningExpress from the bottom of this page, but we are working on fixing the direct link.  


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