NC Live Video Collection MARC Records

MARC records for titles from the NC LIVE Video Collection that were migrated to Films on Demand are now available in the FoD Admin portal. It is recommended that records are downloaded directly from the Admin portal as they will include the correct institution ID in URLs.

Previous NC LIVE Video Collection links will continue to forward to FoD, though we recommend that libraries delete existing NC LIVE Video Collection records and use the new MARC records, with updated URLs, from FoD.

To retrieve only the new NC LIVE Video Collection MARC records, login to the FoD Admin portal, select "Title Data" then "MARC Records". Next, select the date, October-December 2018, and collection "Custom Collection" as shown in the screenshot below, then click generate file. After downloading the file libraries may need to add their proxy URL to links in the 856 field depending on local library management systems.

Lastly, if you have Summon, we are working with Ex Libris to have these additional records for the NC LIVE Video Collection titles added to the "Films on Demand & Access Video on Demand (NC Live only)" (W4-) collection.

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