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Summon FAQs

Will my library have to pay for Summon?

No. NC LIVE has negotiated Summon into our agreement with ProQuest. Summon is available to your library at no charge.

When can I implement Summon?

If you are interested, you can begin implementation of your instance of Summon as early as November 2017.

How do I implement Summon?

You can sign up for a preferred implementation spot using the form linked above.

What does the NC LIVE Summon deal include?

Summon, 360Link and E-Journal Portal.

What if I already have Summon?

Contact your ProQuest representative with any questions. You will no longer have to pay for Summon beginning January 1, 2018, but it is prudent to contact your rep to discuss any details about your current contract.

What if I already have another discovery service like EDS or WorldShare?

You can continue those, or adopt Summon. The choice is up to you.

Do I have to implement Summon?

Although Summon is available to all 205 NC LIVE member libraries, whether you choose to adopt it is entirely up to you. Some libraries may not see the value in a discovery service. Other libraries may already have a discovery service that they prefer. Implementing Summon is entirely optional.

Who currently uses Summon in North Carolina?

North Carolina libraries like NCSU, Wake Forest and Surry Community College, to name a few, currently use Summon. Also, NC LIVE has used Summon since 2015. The prominent search boxes on all of these webpages are entry points to Summon.

Resource Apps

Data-Axle Reference Solutions Data-Axle Reference Solutions 1. Enter your zip code 
2. Select "NC LIVE" as your library
3. Enter their public library card number or code from NC LIVE
4. If you don't have a public library card, please contact NC LIVE Support for a code
Ebooks on EBSCOhost EBSCO Mobile 1. Download the "EBSCO Mobile" app from the App Store or Google Play
2. Search for your institution
3. Sign in using your personal EBSCO account, or your insitution's login credentials if they have activated proxy access for the app.
Yes, if your insitution has not activated proxy access for the app
Films on Demand Video Collection Films on Demand 1. Search for "Films on Demand" in the Google Play or App store.

2. Download the app onto your mobile device/ Smart TV.

3. Open the app and log in with you personal account or your library's generic account. If you need your library's generic account information, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk. Logging in with a personal account allows you to create playlists and favorites.

More detailed instructions are available on the Films on Demand Support page.

Gale Resources (Gale Ebooks, Gale in Context: Biography, Gale Literature Resource Center) Access My Library Public Library users- No sign in required.
Academic Library users-
1. Search for "Access my Library" in the Google Play or App store
2. Enable location services, or search for your library
3. Enter the password or barcode.
4. If you don't know your password, click "Retrieve Password", an email will be sent to your insitutional email account
5. Enter password and click "Select Library".
HomeGrown Ebooks Collection BiblioBoard Library 1. Search for "Biblioboard Library" in the App Store
2. Download onto your mobile device
3.  Login with your BiblioBoard account. If you don't have an account, you must create an account first using a desktop computer. Access Biblioboard using a desktop computer, sign-in using your library, and then create a personal account.  An account is also required for customization features like saving books as Favorites, notes, comments, bookmarks, etc.
hoopla hoopla Digital hoopla requires individual user accounts in order to access the content, even from within the library building.

Steps for User Registration- If you don't already have a hoopla account-
1) Users will need to register for an account before accessing NC LIVE content on hoopla.
2) Enter an email address.
3) Select library as “NC LIVE”.
4) Enter your library card number and add "NC" at the end, for example "2000385723NC".

Steps for User Registration- If you are a student-
1) Visit or open the app.
2) Register with your student email address.
3) Choose NC LIVE as your library.
4) Enter any number you like in the library card space.

Steps for User Registration- If you already have an account with your library-
1) Visit or open the app.
2) Log in with your existing email address.
3) Click on settings.
4) Choose NC LIVE as your library.
5) Enter your library card number and add "NC" at the end, for example "2000385723NC".

LearningExpress Library and PrepSTEP EBSCO LearningExpress 1. Search for "EBSCO LearningExpress" in the Google Play or App Store
2. Download onto your mobile device
3. Open the app and login with your personal account. If you don't have a person account, you must first create an account in the online platform using an email address and password. Once you have created an account, you can then download the app from iTunes or the Google Play Store and log in to the app using your new credentials. A user cannot create an account within the app.
Transparent Language Online Transparent Language 1. Before using the mobile app, users need to create a username and password on the Transparent Language website. Users do not need to be in the library to do this.
2. Once they create an account on the website, they can use those same login credentials to authenticate the mobile app.



NC LIVE LibGuides Templates 

Directions for easily incorporating NC LIVE resources into your LibGuides A-Z Databases List, plus a LibGuides template for LibGuides v2 that includes all resource links, descriptions and categories for your library to customize.

Search Boxes

Code for search boxes that search the NC LIVE Summon instance, plus instructions on how to make your own search box.