NC LIVE Video Collection Moved

Update 9/6/2018: The videos from the NC LIVE Video Collection are now available through our Films on Demand platform at For immediate access, you can search for content by title in Films on Demand, which will be our new platform for NC LIVE Video Collection content. To generate a link that will work on and off campus, click Embed/Link under the video you want to use and copy the Record URL. Please let us know if you have any issues finding content or using the interface.

Please note that captions/transcripts are still being assigned (along with additional metadata) and MARC records are not yet available. We will update the NC LIVE Blog and contact our NC LIVE liaisons at each member library with more information as those remaining issues are resolved.

Update 9/4/2018: The NC LIVE team is currently working on a solution to restore access to the NC LIVE Video Collection and will issue an estimate this week for when the collection will again be available.

The NC LIVE Video Collection is currently down. Videos from the collection will not appear and/or play for users. We're working on a fix. For video content, Films on Demand is still available at

If you have any questions, contact